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Our worldwide partnership for Applied Research in advanced Nanotechnology.

Designing future with clever products

The ras materials GmbH is now part of the RAS Materials & Technologies Corporation (RAS AG).

The RAS Materials & Technologies Corporation focuses on the production and distribution of Advanced Nanomaterials.

RAS AG- Designing future with clever products!

The future of our planet needs clever concepts and technologies to overcome the challenge of the next decades. The continuously increasing global population, CO2 emissions and the shortage of naturally occuring resources, are the key issues we have to care about. It is our inventiveness and creativity to develop sustained technological improvement, which will solve some of our most pressing problems.

Enhanced sustainability with NANOMATERIALS

A new world, made accessible by nanoparticulate additives and formulations, is our contribution to enhanced sustainability.

Silver is a chemical element of high availability, it is ubiquitous. Silver has some well known beneficial properties, which include its antimicrobial activity.

Moreover, silver is the element characterised by the highest electric conductivity.

We have succeeded in developing well defined silver products that meet the highest demands on the market of modern antimicrobials and transparent conductive formulations.

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